Play Africa Music officially launches, targets 5 million subscribers in 5 years

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 A press conference held at Badu Lounge in Accra on Friday, February 23, 2018, had key MUSIGA and GHAMRO stakeholders as well as the media and some musicians in attendance.

Play Africa is an application which only promotes, streams and sells only African music. The application runs on Android and iOS. This application is one that will register every song that has ever been produced from every country in Africa.
Play Africa is a musical platform where people will have a renewable subscription monthly to be able to access songs from their favourite artist. In every African country, people can pay for the subscription from their local currency. Payment for subscriptions or purchase of a song can be done easily using all Mobile money platforms and all credit card systems.

On Play Africa people can buy albums or single tracks. Play Africa seeks to end piracy from the African continent and that every song purchase stays in a PlayList on the APP. The Play Africa Playlist can also be downloaded on every computer so that songs can easily be synchronized and listen to everywhere.

Isaac Yeboah Filson, CEO of Play Africa Music in his address at the press conference says, “the music store seeks to hit about 5million subscribers across Africa within the next 5 years and raise revenue of about US $23 billion by 2030. 

For the past 5 years, we’ve been working around to put this together to serve the Ghanaian and African market. And we are privileged to have succeeded in making this dream materialize. Play Africa Music (PAM) will be the biggest music network in Africa. We have singles selling as low as between 50 pesetas to 99 pesewas. There are also streaming options that cost as low as GHC 6. There are other mouthwatering packages that exist if you download the app. We have made it very feasible for music lovers to easily buy songs with the Mobile Money accounts, PayPal and Credit Cards.”


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