Men of God, musicians who have been hit by sex scandals, divorces

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Celebrity sex scandals and divorce controversies have always been part of some of the biggest and most trending stories in the media. Public figures who have unfortunately been involved in this kind of controversies are often those in the entertainment and arts business but that isn’t always the case. 

There are times when people referred to as servants of God and in the business of doing the Lord’s work have found themselves involved in this kind of messy controversies, being it a sex scandal or scandalous divorce issue. 

Respected men of God like Duncan Williams, Bishop Obinim and Gospel artistes including Obaapa Christy have been in the news for such reasons. In this controversial article, we take a trip down memory lane and look at some of the biggest sex scandals and messy divorce issues that have hit some servants of God in Ghana.

Bishop Obinim

The founder and leader of God’s Way Miracle Church is no stranger in Ghana when it comes to controversies. Over the years, he has made headlines for all the controversial reasons and continues to do so even up to today. The latest episode of his long list of controversies that got people talking is him trying to fly to heaven during a sermon.
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